Sunday, August 21, 2011

that ocean fog

dartmouth, NS

a dream

I had a dream I woke up 
screaming. With white sheets tangled
up around me. I was screaming 
in some Bjork flavoured voice. 
I pulled the threads which 
pulled me tighter. I was 
crying. My mom came to 
wake me.

We were all mermaids. 
We had to cross the ocean 
and we did it by swimming 
in large packs of beautiful 
women of all ages. I want 
to bring sirens to the 
surface. Every movement was 
through thick ocean water. 
We started in my living room
All crying over the losses of 
our beloved late women. 

A connection deeper than 
family. We held our 
sacredness so tightly. 
rings and things

It was all so beautiful. 
A pair of almost turns with 
the peachest skin. Lili 
was there at some point. 
We sang as we swam. 
It wasn't evident that we were 
all in the water at first.

Everyone's wrinkles started 
to disappear. The boy with us 
got older and older. We 
told him of our secret. 
(That we were mermaids 
who all spoke french) 
perhaps because we knew 
he would die. He became 
more and more wrinkled.

Then I awoke in 
Julia's bed. The mermaid 
cry still in my 
ears. I wondered if 
I was screaming.


Is it bad that I know how 
fine we are? Us, women. We, 
mermaids. That I know when 
you leave them (You, men. Them, 
the women I loved long before you) 
all we will have is each other 
and the sea.

The difference between me and 
the women you hurt. The 
ones who pine over you while you 
drift as far/close as sleep and 
weep endlessly for you when 
you've really gone - is I know 
the secret. That we are all 
mermaids. Waiting to return to the sea.

(as it was written Jan 10. 2011)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

 and than they interlocked their lips and kissed ferociously. the slither of their prehistoric tongues was delicious and disgusting. 

Monday, July 25, 2011